The Process of Obtaining an Auto Loan


There may come a time when you need some financial help. Financial difficulties tend to arise at the most unexpected times in your lives. You may get sick for long, or lose your job, among other reasons. You may thus need to go looking for a quick loan.

If you own a car, you may just qualify for an auto title loan. This is something you may have heard of in the past, or seen being advertised around town. It is something that comes in handy at such times, and therefore worthy of knowing more about. In this type of loan, the car is used as collateral when you wish to obtain a short-term loan at The lender will place a lien on your car title. This means that you need to give the original car title to the lender.

While you are getting the cash and after that is servicing the loan, the lender will not take possession of the car. You shall keep using it as usual. This has been seen as one of the most beneficial features of obtaining such a loan when compared to going to a pawn shop. There, you would be required to surrender the vehicle when you receive the cash, and only collect it after you have finished making the payments.

When you approach a lender at, there shall be a few requirements they shall expect from you for the processing and approval of the loan. It is only those who have attained the age of eighteen years who can source for such loans. You also need to present the original title of the car. There needs to be no other lien placed on the car. The age of the car needs not exceed fifteen years. Once you meet this requirement, you shall be asked to present certain documents. They will need your proof of identity, your age, and proof of a source of income, utility bills, the vehicle registration and insurance.

You will be given an application form to fill, or key in online, to which you shall attach the relevant documents stated above, for the processing. The lender will then look at your financial situation and also do a valuation of your car. There is usually no problem if you have a bad credit history. They are only interested in the value of the car and your ability to pay back, from your income history.

This is a truly simple process. It has helped so many people put off financial difficulties when they have an asset in the form of a car. Read more facts about loans, go to


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